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Server Shutting Down

clobii a posted Oct 26, 12

So, just to inform you guys, due to the funding for the server hosting running out and most players in the community moving on to other games/servers, I'm unfortunately announcing that Precision Realms is shutting down in about a week.<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" />


Thank you for all those that made Minecraft a fun experience and I hope you all find something just as fun!




shineyone1 hey iv missed you guys and now i cant find anyone! keep me updated!


Zombiime a posted Oct 14, 12
Congratulations all of you that made it literally Sunday Madness on Precision Realms.

it was truely an amazing stronghold night and we hope to see alot more FULL server days to come in the near future, as this server has only been up for 2 weeks.


Everyones support is incredible and i love all you guys!


Bringing you the best minecraft experience!
MASTERAUGI Platty is brehaut1 your second account
Platyy I'm not from Carrum ._.
gromas Good work!


Zombiime a posted Oct 9, 12

Mumble Server

Address :     Port : 64738

Hope to see you all there in our 100 slot mumble server! it is a great way to keep in touch with all of the community and not leaving you restricted with typing to people threw out the server which takes up game time and if your like me (i just cant stand getting my message across threw a text message)

With all that said if you haven't got mumble you can download it in the link below and i hope to see you all there :)

Get Mumble Here

                                ♪♪★☆★ Precision Realms has launched ★☆★♪♪

                                              Owners :  Clobii  〄  Zombiime
                                  First of thank you everyone for your patience
 We hope to see you all there with us along this amazing journey, as we wish to be around for  many many months to come, to create an awesome community and create a fun experience for all you Minecrafters out there with events happening daily once we get all the plugins working

                                      I.P Address
                         -----     -----

                                  MUMBLE SERVER (COMING VERY SOON)

                o 。 ♭   ゜゚  ゚ .    o   ☆ ○   o
               ♪   \丶 r⌒ヽ(⌒⌒) r⌒ヽ/,  / /,    
            ヽ* 、、;(⌒ヾ .(((⌒⌒))) /⌒) ), *   ,♭    ♪
          ☆ ♪、ヾ (⌒♪<  ℙѦℜṮẎ  TiMe    >♪/,    ★ 彡   ☆
         、\(⌒ゝ;(⌒ヾ   ☆           ☆  ⌒)/)) ., ☆/♪
     ★((⌒-丶(;;;(⌒ゝ;;  ♪♭v(^O^)v♭♪  ,⌒⌒);;;;;)))⌒)
      ( (;;;;(⌒(⌒;;;(⌒              ))⌒));;;;  -⌒))
     ★( (⌒⌒=─  ♪>> ℙѦℜṮẎ  TiMe <<♪ ─=⌒⌒)ノ;;ノ::)★
     ★彡((⌒≡=─   ★彡☆    ★     ☆彡★ ─=≡⌒)丿;;丿ノ彡★
sam8903 i see it say partytime 2 times:)
White Cool, very excited will be donating as soon as i can. Hope to see you all ingame :3 -White
MrPepperoni YES! FINALLY
                                     ☪ (`'·.¸ (`'·.¸: •.• :* ¨ * ☆ ☆ * ¨¨ *: •.• :¸.·'´) ¸.·'´) ☆
   Welcome To Precision Realms  *:-.,
                                    ☆ (¸.·'´ (¸.·'´ : •.• : * ¨ * ☆ ☆ * ¨¨ *: •.• :`'·.¸) `'·.¸) ☪

As most of you may know the sad news about Fusionblox but even though we had alot of frustration trying to get the server back up we knew it was out of our hands and we ended up having little hope, after a few people banging our heads together saying not "ALL" is lost we still have the community.

You guys are what have kept our heads up and continue the Stronghold journey, as we know you all love your PvP we will be having daily events, and games such as Capture the Flag, Tower Control and alot more enjoyable PvP mini-games out there we will be checking out thanks to our Multiverse plugin. (feel free to message me some of your own ideas)

Alot of you are wondering what worlds we will be having, since this is a new project we have no map to go off. so thankyou to Myself, Clobii, Kyle, Makron. We have created a some what basic spawn that is the start of a new beginning and we hope you all enjoy the opening of this new adventure and support us along the way for better things to come.

We will have our mumble first thing as soon as we have access to the physical box. we have already purchased a dedicated server we are just waiting on a response from the server provider.

                                                     The Worlds

  • Survival/Economy (Open PvP)                                                
  • Stronghold 
  •  Creative ($5 Donation)
  • Event World


This is something that is still in progress but we shall have it up on the website as soon as possible.


We appreciate everyones patience and we should have the I.P very shortly, once again thank you everyone we would not be here without your support giving us courage to continue this journey.


             ╔══╗     ♫
  ║ ▓▓ 〓〓▓▓  ♫  ❢

ninjacrow In the mean time, donated $5 for Iron VIP
ninjacrow As soon as the donation system is setup, I'll be donating $20. After all, I think I owe you guys something after gi...
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